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New Orleans and south Louisiana commercial food photographer, Matthew Noel, shares his journeys finding flavors using HD video, food photography, and hdslr cinematography.


Matthew Noel blogs about food, food photography, photography, and the food scenes and culture across south Louisiana including Houma, New Orleans, the surrounding areas, and travel across the world.

Treasure Hunt

Matthew Noel

In an era where food media spans T.V., magazines, and the internet I often find one thing missing. Yes Top Chef, Bazaar Foods, and of course Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations are at the top of my must see cuisine.  However, it seems that amongst the plethora of food related media we digest many of us forget to put into action what we so avidly watch others do.  Find Flavors.  So with that said here is a gentle nudge and a quick list of places to visit if you happen to be near the location.  Don't forget to post a reply of your local favorites below. Go find your flavor treasure.
Cochon / Butcher (New Orleans, La) - Donald link and Stephen Stryjewski rock. Delicious. Nuff said. Find out more at
Crecent City Farmers Market  (New Orleans, La) - Spotlight on Smith's Creamery dairy products (the chocolate milk is deadly good) and Tim Perilou's produce is among the best. Track down the market at
Rio Mar (New Orleans, La) - Chef Adolfo Garcia lets his latin flavors loose on local New Orleans seafood.  It is a great change of pace.  Visit their website
Bourgeois Meat Market (Thibodaux, La) "Miracles in meat since 1891".  Best jerky around and well worth the drive. Call 985-447-7128 to find out more.