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New Orleans and south Louisiana commercial food photographer, Matthew Noel, shares his journeys finding flavors using HD video, food photography, and hdslr cinematography.


Matthew Noel blogs about food, food photography, photography, and the food scenes and culture across south Louisiana including Houma, New Orleans, the surrounding areas, and travel across the world.

Monday Night Football Again

Matthew Noel

Even though it feels like talking politics at the dinner table, I'm going to share about shooting the Saints vs. Patriots game.  It was a game to remember and the fans surely won't forget this season any time soon.  I'm glad I can hear after the deafening roar in the dome as the Saints win 38-17 over the Patriots.  Below are a couple of my photos.

Meachum's touchdown catch

Colston barrels into the endzone for one of 5 Saints TDs


I also made it on ESPN sportcenter.  It's like where's waldo but with me.  Click here to see if you can find me in the video.  Hint, backwards cap, long hair, and red vest.